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#SAN3010  $20.00

Durable genuine porcelain enamel with yellow & orange zones clearly indicated on brown case -- shows safe flue temperatures at a glance. Temperatures up to 900 Fahrenheit          

# SAN3008  $20.00

Durable genuine porcelain enamel shows temperatures in the center of the fluepipe, at a glance. Stem length 4 inches, engineered to measure accurately, for any diameter fluepipe up to 8". Readings up to 1700 Fahrenheit. Rugged steel
Replacement Catalytic. You'll find virtually every standard combustor produced in the past 10 years for Catalytic woodstoves!

Stock #RUT97 $6.50

Creosote Remover is a solid granular material used to modify soot and creosote deposits as they form, in the chimney. 1 LBS.



Stock #RUT97L $12.00

Changes creosote to ash with daily spraying. Spray wood and firebox liberally then light the fire.Liquid Creosote Remover is a spray-on product used for cleaner burning of solid fuel in woodstoves and furnaces. Quart    

#COP48930 $29.00

The Millistat is the perfect accessory for your stove or fireplace. Small and attractive, it provides a steady room temperature for many of today's decorative heaters by turning the fire off when it gets too warm, or turning it on when things cool down. You set the desired temperature

#SAN5818-5829 $40.00

All of our replacement screen packages include two panels, each 24" wide. This provides enough screen for a good looking natural "drape" effect on the average fireplace.

Stock #RUT304 $12.00

Used without primer, it is formulated to renew and protect finishes on stainless steel chimney caps and pipes.16oz.

Stock #RUT80 16 oz $12.00  

Stock #81 1 Pint $18.00

Here is a stove paint of the highest quality. Flat black paint  temperatures up to 1200 F. Renews and protects the finish on steel or cast iron stoves. Nongraying and colorfast. 16oz Spray Can or Pint Brush on. 

Stock #RUT70 $7.00

A black semi-solid paste wax used to preserve and restore the beauty of unpainted cast iron stoves.5 oz

Stock #RUT565 $7.00

White-Off glass cleaning creme is specially formulated to remove white residue caused by gas log fires on glass. 8 oz.

Stock #RUT570-6 $12.00

This powerful spray-on cleaner removes soot build-up from gas logs making them look like new. Pint.

Stock #RUT64 Pint  $6.00 

Stock #RUT65 Quart $10.00

A ready-mixed, high-temperature silicate cement with a smooth consistency. This material has the appearance and texture of fine mortar, and will withstand temperatures to 2000 F. Pint or Quart

Stock #RUT82 $9.00

Spray on and wipe off to easily remove creosote, soot and grime on glass and hearth. 
For a particularly difficult clean-up job, try Item # 84, Hearthglass Conditioning Glass Cleaner. 1 Qt.

Stock #RUT77E $5.00                

Stock #RUT78   $7.00

A  smooth black silicate-ceramic type cement formulated to adhere fiberglass gasket to steel and cast iron. Withstands temperatures to up to 2000 degrees

 3 oz or Cart.

#RUT76 $10.00

Rutland 500 F. RTV High Heat Silicone Sealant, an RTV silicone  forms a tough rubbery seal, and keeps its flexibility even at temperatures of 450 F continuously, or 500 F intermittently


#RUT 30360 $26.00

Our "STACK-IT" Bracket Kits make firewood storage racks worktables, storage shelves just by adding pieces of 2x4 lumber of the desired length. Slide together to assemble.