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Your stoves and fireplaces are shipped by freight truck. Sometimes smaller items are shipped by UPS. Products are priced shipped directly to your house or job site but there are some areas that have limitations on truck delivery (18 wheelers) and in these areas you would have to pay the additional fee or pick it up at the terminal. These areas are very rare.

It is the customer's responsibility for unloading the truck. Often this means using planks to slide products down, and a minimum of two people. Sometimes customers will have their orders delivered to a place of business where a Hi-Lo is available or pick it up at the freight terminal. Freight terminal look up. Our freight company offers an optional lift gate delivery to most areas for $110.00. It is the customer's responsibility for inspecting the shipment for damage before signing for delivery.

**Prices apply to Continental USA states only - some restrictions apply.

Pricing for other countries available by phone or E-Mail.

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